Blackjack: A Panoramic View

blackjack online

BlackJack is one of the most popular games available among other online casino games. Popularly known as twenty-one (or 21), the Blackjack online game is quite simple to learn and offers an easy to use interface. The player has a dealer as the opponent in the game and he (the dealer) deals the cards.

Before playing Blackjack, it is essential that you understand the rules, etiquettes and facts like how blackjack varies from other casino games etc. Blackjack is the game of cards. So, first we’ll discuss the values each card holds in the game.

Blackjack Card Values

  • In blackjack, all cards are counted as per the face value.
  • There are picture cards and ace. Picture cards are counted as 10 while the ace can count as 1 or 11.
  • No meaning is given to the card suits in the game
  • The total of any hand refers to the sum of the card values in hand. A hand with card values 8-5-4 sums up to 17. Another with a queen and a 5 sums to 15.
  • Ace counts as 11 if total becomes 21 or below that. Otherwise, it reverts to 1.

Terms Associated with Blackjack

  • Busting: It refers to the situation in which the dealer’s hand or player exceeds the total of 21. Sometimes, also called ‘break,’ this happens for example, when a player is dealt a 10 and a 6, draws one more card of 9, the total (25) exceeds 21.
  • Hard Hand: It is the hand that contains ace counted as 1.
  • Soft Hand: It is the hand that contains ace counted as 11.

Etiquettes for the Perfect Blackjack Session

  • Not Handing Money Directly to the Dealer: Place the cash outside the layout of the betting spot, in range of the security cameras. Rather than handing money directly to the dealer, you should tell the dealer about the denomination chips you want.
  • Don’t Touch the Cards: After four or more card decks are used, the cards are then dealt up to each player. The reasons for doing this are- to eliminate the chances of the player cheating either by switching or marking the cards and to speed up the game. The dealer can then quickly announce the sum of each player’s hand.
  • Don’t Hold the Cards with Two Hands: When cards are dealt face down by you that are usually single and double deck games, pick the cards with one hand only.
  • Don’t Remove Cards from the Table: The dealer should have the cards in clear sight and in range of the security cameras. That’s why you shouldn’t hold them in hand or place them in your lap i.e. below the table level.
  • No Object Placing on Table: Nothing else except having some drinks and placing them on the table is acceptable during the blackjack play-mode.
  • Don’t Tell the Dealer that you want a “HIT”: Saying “Hit” while paying with friends would be okay in the home setting, but not at all in casinos. Use hand signals to direct something to the dealer not words.
  • Don’t Touch your Chips after Making the Bet and when Cards are Dealt: The bet placed by you must stay on the layout of the table, untouched until it wins, losses or ties. When the dealer starts dealing the cards, do not touch the chips until the hand gets resolved.
  • Don’t Place a Higher Denomination Chip Above Lower Denomination Chip in Betting Spot: ON wagering two or above denomination chips, you should place the higher denomination chip at the bottom always. has listed all blackjack casinos where you can play and win real cash.

Best things you’ll get on the Blackjack Online

  • Convenience- For playing online Blackjack, you don’t have to get dressed to visit the casino. All you have to do is open the app or website and you’re good to go, anytime of the day and from anywhere.
  • Bonuses- There is tough competition out there and so some casino sites offer huge sign-up bonuses. Now that’s what makes players sign-up and play right away.
  • Better Rules- The online gambling arena offers flexible options for players to get their hands on it easily.
  • Customer Service- The online gambling comes with 24-hour customer service to solve any trouble coming to the player.
  • No Annoyance- You can save you from the potential annoyances of the gamblers in the land-based casinos that include talkers, complainers etc.

Casino Coupons

A Blackjack casino offers coupons to its players that they can use to their benefit. Types of casino coupons offered in land-based blackjack casinos are mentioned below:

  • Promo Chip: These are also called Promotional chips and are given to players who visit the casino regularly or oftenly. The purpose of these coupons is to entice the visitors to come and play more at the casino.
  • Matchplay Coupon: These are the chips given to players and used as a bet on player’s behalf by casino.
  • Blackjack Bonus Coupon: This coupon can be used to pay 2-1 on player’s first Blackjack. Players should use this coupon on table where the Blackjack payout is 3-2. This lets the players earn more bonuses, even more than the bet winning amount.


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