Breach of Bet24 Security – Baddies Bagged By the Police


bet24 arrestsThe online gambling division of the Modern Times Group, is the Malta-licensed gaming operator They have warned of a breach in security, which is reputedly personal client information from back before December 2009. A number of third-party persons who are unauthorised personal, have been found with customer data in their possession – they have also been taken into custody by the police. The security breach is specific to customers who registered with Bet24 prior to October 31st 2009.

Police authorities informed the company after the perpetrators were arrested. In their possession they had copies of personal customer information from various companies; only one of which was Bet24. Bet24 commented that the information was stolen by means of electronic access to their database, and that this action was definitely against the law. The information is a list of customer names, DOB, email addresses, postal addresses, account user names, account user ID’s, passwords, account balances, and, in some instances IP addresses and telephone numbers. A separate stolen list also includes account balances and parameters, card expiry dates on customer payment options, and encrypted information such as card types and more.

To their knowledge, the encrypted information has not been decrypted and an internet security specialist has established that the encryption intensity is extremely high. Fortunately no card security codes are stored in their database. However a small amount of customers had alerted Bet24 to the fact that unauthorised activity had been taking place on their accounts. Any financial loss incurred has already been rectified by the company. is working closely with the relevant authorities to try and establish just how the data was stolen, who has been affected and how the information had been used to date. In 2010 a security review took place at the site, and this included an audit as well as simulated hacker penetration tests. Customers who were affected have had their accounts reset.

Written by Neha A


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