California To Legalize Online Poker???

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Some legislators in California are trying to find new ways to bring money into that troubled state that they are considering legalizing online poker and might attend an upcoming i-Gaming conference. The i-Gaming conference features operators of online poker rooms around the world.

The online poker room they will not be visiting with is Party Poker.

“Too much baggage,” they said. “California is not going to have an online poker room licensed in the state where one of the founders pleaded guilty before he was even charged with a crime.”

The legislator was referring to Anurag Dikshit, PartyGaming’s billionaire co-founder, who will also be paying the U.S. Government a $300 million fine this year.

“888 (.com) is one that’s been mentioned,” our source stated. “They are looking at companies that are publicly traded and fits the bill. They are also trying to settle any issues with the U.S. government in relation to their taking bets from U.S. customers prior to passage of poker prohibition in 2006, much like Party, but nobody there is turning themselves in.”

California has the 8th largest economy in the world and to put it simply…they are broke!

California has the second highest foreclosure rate in the country and near double-digit unemployment, California’s economy is on the verge of collapse although this week Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger reached a compromise with legislators to close a $42 million deficit by increasing taxes and cutting state services.


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