Casino Business in Germany


Casino enthusiasts can’t resist gambling. Unfortunately, Germany states that hosting a gaming site is illegal. Now, think of the gaming and casino enthusiasts who always look for the gaming and betting spots especially in Germany. There is no provision for the online casinos and pokers due to unavailability of licenses.

Even in 2020, the gaming sports and betting are considered illegal. German gambling law prohibits the private providers’ access to casino games, poker and sports bets. In Germany, licenses are not issued for online casino games and poker. Though the situation can be reversed by mid-2021, currently Germany has many restrictions in terms of gambling and related casino games. is the best online casino website in the Germany.

Applying for Online Gambling License

Online gaming and betting is a fun zone for all the gambling enthusiasts. Only those who participate in it can know its perks. German market has faced turbulent changes in recent times that add to the confusion on how the state sees gambling now. Obtaining an online casino license requires commitment to some compromises. Once you get it, it will remain in effect for a good six years. One can obtain license for virtual slot machines, online poker and online sports betting only after meeting following requirements:

  • Security Deposit: A security deposit of at least 5 million Euros is required from the applicant. This amount can be changed or increased to the amount of expected turnover per month. The maximum limit is 50 million Euros. Upon request, this amount can be reduced as indicated by the authority. The circumstances that will lead to this change are however not clear.
  • Different Offers Separation: The providers of the gambling platform may offer gambling in different forms like online poker, sports betting, virtual slot machines etc. from the same domain. The only condition is that operators should create graphically separate and independent areas for each gambling game form. This means no ’cross advertising’ can be done among different gambling forms. Players cannot play in different areas at the same time too.
  • Accounts of players: An individual player account should be created for every provider. The player has to provide true credentials and this information has to be verified by the provider. For identity verification, reliable and appropriate procedure should be followed.
  • Deposit Limit of Cross-supplier: Any player has to set up monthly cross-provider deposit limit upto EUR 1,000.00 while registering on the website. This limit won’t include the operator.
  • Parallel Playing Restrictions: Offerings of different operators must not be played at the same time by the players. Providers have to check the ‘activation status’ of the player with the system before letting him get into the playing.

Casino Bonuses

Once you are licensed to start your journey in the online gambling platform, you’ll get a variety of bonuses and free spins. Much excitement comes from casino bonuses. There are multiple packages available in the online casino zone. Players can earn a bonus up to EUR 1,000. Depending on the range selected and the deposit amount spent, players can earn free spins and a lot more in Germany’s online casinos. In online sports betting, bets are allowed depending on the events and outcome of the game.

For virtual slot machines, there are specific requirements like:

  • At least, players should play the game for at least five seconds
  • The maximum stake per game is EUR 1.00
  • To build a jackpot, wins and stakes cannot be used

For a German, getting licensed for betting and gambling seems a tough nut to crack. Though some casino enthusiasts may find it annoying, the truth remains that the government of Germany asks for certain requirements to be fulfilled to let players get into the gaming zone and enjoy online gambling experience. The land-based as well as site-based casino operators have to put in a lot of efforts to make this whole gambling thing legal. Online casinos are definitely fun, reliable, quick and convenient for all who don’t like to dress up to go to the casino and wait for the outcomes. These are great platforms that give you the complete casino feel without visiting them and that too from the comfort of your space.


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