Adelson Attempts to Derail Legalization in Pennsylvania


Adelson At It Once Again As Casino Billionaire Attempts to Try and Put a Stop to Legalization in Pennsylvania

Adelson Attempts to Derail Legalization in PennsylvaniaAdelson just never stops! He continues to go to extremes to push his anti-online gambling campaign with the latest threat coming from the Coalition to Stop Internet Gaming sending out their latest message via a video that says, “online gambling predators are targeting children and enticing them to gamble with ‘Disney-looking cartoon characters.’

The Coalition to Stop Internet Gaming is a nationwide campaign launched by none other than Adelson himself. The message also conveys that Pennsylvania Representative of State is “working hard to legalize predatory online gambling.” The release of the derogatory message comes after government officials heard the state’s arguments with the pros and cons to legalizing online poker.

The inflammatory statements coming from the anti-online gambling group is supposed to regulate negative actions by lawmakers, but with Pennsylvania representatives taking the ‘double your efforts’ approach, Adelson may not be able to thrive this time, or will he?

“Pennsylvanians overwhelmingly oppose predatory online gambling but a handful of mistaken or misguided politicians are advocating to legalize it anyway. This is only the beginning of the Coalition’s efforts to hold these lawmakers accountable as they consider this total disregard for Pennsylvania’s families.” – Coalition spokesman John Ashbrook

Interesting enough, John Payne, Representative of State has his own fear tactics in order to get legalization of poker in the state. His plans are to get online poker regulated and to start generating tax revenues for the state, with our without Adelson’s profiling.

Pennsylvania Survey Data: Earlier this year, a survey of Pennsylvania voters found that 73% oppose legislation to legalize online gambling. The survey also revealed that Pennsylvanians are three times more likely to vote against legislators who support online gambling. The survey of 513 registered voters in PA was conducted by Harper Polling between 4/22/154/27/15 and has a margin of error +/- 4.33%.


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