UKGC Publishes Annual Gambling Participation and Problem Gambling Report

UKGC Publishes Annual Gambling Participation Report

Annual Gambling Participation Report Published by the UK Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission published the Annual Gambling Participation Report. The UKGC conducts a yearly study and publishes its report every year. The report shows some interesting details with the overall gambling participation declining over the last two years.

Details of the report confirm that 45% of people aged 16 and over participated at least one time with some form of gambling activity the last four weeks of the 2017 year. Of the 45% of people that participated only 31% participated in the National Lottery. Of the four-week timespan respondent gambling participants detailed that 18% gambled online, a 1% increase compared to December 2016. 51% of online gamblers used their mobile device or table to play.

Other interesting facts include that 26% placed in-play wagers and 1% played machines in retail bookmaker venues. Self-exclusions stayed the same as it did December 2016 with 6%.

33% of the people surveyed that they think gambling is fair and can be trusted while 41% said they feel that gambling activities are related to crime. 0.8% of players were identified as problem gamblers according to the full DSM-IV screen while 3.9% were considered as low or moderate risk gamblers.

Gambling participation


of people have gambled in the past four weeks


of men have gambled in the past four weeks


of women have gambled in the past four weeks


of people have gambled online in the past four weeks

Online gambling behaviour (year to Dec 2017)


of online gamblers gamble at home


of online gamblers gamble using a laptop


of online gamblers gamble using a mobile or tablet device


of online gamblers have bet in-play in the past four weeks

Problem gambling


of people aged 16+ in Great Britain identify as problem gamblers (2015)


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