Are Online Casinos & Sportsbooks Safe?

Are Online Casinos & Sportsbooks Safe?

The online betting industry has grown exponentially in the past ten years or so. In 2018, it feels as though there is a new betting site or casino popping up almost every day so the concern of safety for players has never been as important.

With the emergence of new ways to bet and spin, legitimate casinos are left with the task of finding even more ways to keep casinos safe. Comparing casinos and betting sites, as such, has become a desirable skill by itself. Betting apps, for example, are now commonly under the microscope, with sites such as providing a service for players.

As there are a high number of casinos recently being blacklisted and scrutinized for failing players, it is always a good idea to do your homework before falling into the traps of losing money. This begs the question, “just how safe are online casinos and sportsbooks?” The answer is not a simple one, as there are some safe sites and others which should be avoided like Dracula in a dark alley at night.

Safety First

Regardless of the spiel you will hear from a number of casino and betting site operators, you should always do your utmost best to keep yourself safe. Many casinos who claim to have hi-tech software which protects your safety and makes their own systems impregnable to attacks and hacks aren’t always telling the truth. The onus is on a player, most of the time, to make the right choice in which sites they choose to play or bet with.

There are a number of ways which players can help their cause of remaining safe. For example, by looking at a site’s reputation, the country they are based in, and their licenses or lack of, you can usually get a good idea of how trustworthy they are. Blacklisted casinos should always be avoided. There is at least one major reason why a casino ends up on the wrong end of praise, and it is typically something which is serious.

Trustworthy Sites

On the flipside, trustworthy sites are generally those with strong licensing and regulation credentials, and above all, a solid reputation. The major betting sites and casinos are usually those with the best security features, such as SSL-encryption which safeguards the transmission of information from player to casino. With advanced firewall technology and a comprehensive anti-fraud approach, these sites also have more capital to invest in bolstering their brand.

Trustworthy sites are not immune to criticism, however. You may come across complaints from players, former or present, but these will rarely pertain to fraud or security failings. As online betting requires you transferring money to casinos, it is also important to have a good number of methods to deposit and withdraw, and these are typically a feature of the most trustworthy sites out there.

The Bottom Line

Whether you believe a site to be trustworthy or not – and have ascertained the credentials of the betting site or casino you are playing at – you should always do your bit to keep yourself safe.

Author Bio: Lolita Di


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