Authorities Shutdown on APPT Nanjing Millions 2015

Authorities Shutdown on APPT Nanjing Millions 2015

The Asia Pacific Poker Tour 2015 APPT Nanjing Millions Shut Down by Government Authorities

Just when the Asia Pacific Poker Tour 2015 was set to get underway, and off to a great start we might add, Chinese authorities took it upon themselves to shut the event down, and for no apparent reason.

The Nanjing Millions was off to such a fantastic start that coordinators were forced to add an extra day of flights with more than 2,300 players registering for the event. It was supposed to end on Sunday, however to everyone’s surprise that planned to attend, it ended abruptly on Friday when local authorities showed up and shut the party down.

It was reported that authorities blocked the entrance to the host venue, Wutaishan Sports Center, by posting a notice on the door that organizers of the tournament event were “suspected of illegal gambling.

What spectators or speculators have concluded is that gambling or wagering on anything in the Chinese mainland besides lottery is illegal. We all know that the ongoing corruption occurring in Macau has seen a crackdown as of late and that authorities have been cracking the proverbial whip so to speak on any and all forms of gambling.

Eric Hollreiser, Head of Coporate Communications for Amaya and PokerStars, commented on the unfortunate and sudden disruption of the event,

“After three very successful days of tournament poker, the organizers of the Nanjing Millions decided to postpone the event in order to address questions from local authorities.”

Organizers of the event released a statement that they have, “decided to postpone the event in order to address questions from local authorities, and that they apologize for the inconvenience and plan to resume in the near future.

In previous years to this event there has been an increasing interest in Chinese players, especially last July when the Beijing Poker Millions hosted its largest tournament to 2732 participants.

Pokerstars offers sponsorship support of the APPT Nanjing Millions as part of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) event and APPT President Danny McDonagh leading up to the event stated,

“The growth of poker in China has been tremendous and we are committed to support this sport throughout the region. The previous two Beijing events last year were very successful and we are proud to be a part of this government-supported event.”

Looks like authorities however did not agree with McDonagh’s statement which claimed, “Nanjing is a key location that allows players from all over the country to participate.


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