California’s Assembly Committee 2016 Gambling Bill Hearing's


California’s Assembly Committee Set to Consider Several Gaming Measures Next Week as Poker, Sportsbetting and and Daily Fantasy Sports are On the Agenda

California’s Assembly Committee 2016 Gambling Bill Hearing'sCalifornia’s Assembly Committee is going to have a busy week, this coming week. A hearing that will take place on Jan. 6 will discuss several gaming measures; online poker, sports betting and daily fantasy sports. All three bills will be considered by the Governmental Oversight Committee with the possibility, if approved, all three could be offered asap.

Online poker is the most important subject to be discussed, well they all are, but poker has been such an interesting development for a long time now, players are excited to see where the discussion ends up. AB431, the poker bill that would have regulated and legalized poker activity in the state. It passed the Go vote needed but it died and it never gained momentum after the initial passing.

This go around AB167 is the bill that’s up for consideration. Sponsored by Assemblyman Reginald Jones-Sawyer, is first on the agenda. It is titled urgent and will be promptly heard at the start of the 1:30pm meeting. AB167 makes the third online poker bill to surface over the last year or so. Hopefully with the two featured key points they will draw some attention and give it the status needed.

The two key features include that race tracks would be allowed to participate in online activities, and that there isn’t a bad actor provision. This simply means that Amaya/PokerStars could license in the state.



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