How to Find Reliable Online Casinos

How to Find Reliable Online Casinos

The gambling industry and the internet are a match made in heaven. More and more casinos are providing online services. Games oriented around the web gambling are being invented daily and they’re getting traction among the players. Benefits of an online casino are obvious – anonymity and ability to play from home, or anywhere in the world. But, there are risks as well – safety being the biggest one.

It’s important to know what to check out when investigating a casino, before you commit your money and time to it.

Make Sure it’s a Real Casino

Well this should be pretty obvious, but it’s not always the case. Anyone can set up a web site, but not anyone can own a casino. The gambling industry is heavily regulated and it requires a licence to own a casino and create online games related to it. Look for the logo of a government or private body agency controlling your benefits offering. It’s also a good sign if a casino has a system for preventing the minors from playing. It’s a legal requirement, so the regulated casino should have one.

Secure Billing

When playing online games, you need to give out your banking information or a credit card number. It’s essential for a casino to have state of the art security measures, regarding security in this area. This means securing both your money and your personal information. Like with any other online transaction, advertisers will use cookies to track you down and customize the advertisements you see online to your needs and their products. When it comes to online casinos – you should make sure that the advertisers can’t find out how much you won or how much money you have on your bank account.

This sort of behavior will leave you vulnerable, not just from advertisers, but from hackers who might attack both the casino and the companies that advertise on it. Information regarding security should be available to all players on the casino site and you should review them before you start the game. Reliable businesses offer reviews of their security practice like this extensive Rizk Casino review.

Timely Payment

When a player wins a jackpot or wants to withdraw some of their winnings to a bank account – their payment usually doesn’t happen instantly. The amount of time varies from casino to casino and it depends on the banking system they use. Information about this should be available and easily located on casino’s web site. If you’re not satisfied with the speed of the service, go somewhere else. And if your payments are taking longer than specified –take it up with the casino right away.

Any fees that come from transferring the money (both from casino or the bank) should also be made public right away. Make sure you read the instructions carefully because there may be some hidden issues like maximum amount you can withdraw.

Customer Support

Something might go wrong with your game at any moment. Your payment could be late, the game could freeze – you name it.  Online customer support should be available to the customers and it should be easy to find. Any restrictions to its work – due to time zones for instance – should also be transparent. If talking to customer support requires you to give more of your personal information, make sure the channel has more security checks than the regular one.

Online casinos are definitely the future of gambling – they’re convenient and they tend to become even more so, as the technology gets better. Just make sure you can trust the casino you’re playing at and stay safe out there.

Lolita D. is a regular guest blogger that has been with us from our old website Casino Scam Report ( and continues to contribute articles since rebranding to Casino Players Report providing us with gaming strategy and the current trends in the online gambling industry.


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