FullTilt Poker Welcomes Players with Cordial Invite, Do You Accept?


It will be a historic day, just three days from now Full Tilt Poker will once again resume business as usual; did any one else receive the email from Full Tilt Poker welcoming back players? My buddy in Nevada just forwarded me a copy, if you didn’t receive your invite, below is what was stated. I would love to hear your opinions so please comment below.

Dear XXXX,

Good news; Full Tilt Poker is back online for play-money games.

As someone who has enjoyed the play-chip tables on Full Tilt Poker in the past, we are pleased to welcome you back, following a successful re-launch.

Click here to download Full Tilt Poker play-money version.

The Rational Group, which owns and operates PokerStars, acquired assets of Full Tilt Poker in August 2012 and appointed new senior management to re-open and operate the site.

Please note that we will not offer real money online poker in the U.S. until such time as there is regulation and licensing permitting this. As such, only our play-money games are available to U.S. residents.

Our agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice allows for PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker to apply for relevant gaming licenses if and when they are made available. We look forward to the opportunity to provide real-money online poker to U.S. players in the future.

Thank you – and welcome back on Full Tilt Poker.


Full Tilt Poker

Would love to know how many of you are going back to play and why?

And would also love to hear from others that think it is just a bad idea and why?

Let your voices be heard!

Peter McCullough, is our online poker/sports betting writer. He has been with us since our old website, Casino Scam Report (https://www.casinoscamreport.com). Since rebranding to Casino Players Report, Peter continues to focus on the online poker/sports betting industry news.


  1. I’m looking forward to the return of full tilt but I am a bit nervous that pokerstars meddled with their rng. For some reason I always thought that full tilt offered a more realistic shuffle than pokerstars, call me crazy.

  2. am looking forward to full tilt being back on but have serious concerns that poker stars is involved as a don’t trust PokerStars shuffle. i left online sites as PokerStars and others seem to be manipulated too increase player turn around in tourneys for the rake. PokerStars and others fight governments regulatory bodies so hard WHY??? online self regulation is so open to fraud. I will give full tilt a go but certainly will not be sucked into staying if it anything like the stars manipulation

    • It has only been reported that PokerStars is to payback what is still owed of the outstanding balance of $184 million to non-US players poker around the world, unfortunately due to US regulation they have no responsibility over the US player accounts and funds.
      In reports released since the settlement, the U.S. government will be responsible for getting its citizens paid back. The U.S. government has officially released a statement on the issue:

      Under the terms of the settlement with Full Tilt, U.S. victims of the company’s alleged fraud will be able to seek compensation from the Department of Justice (“DOJ”). The funds that will be used to compensate qualifying victims will come from the $547 million that will be forfeited by PokerStars as part of its settlement with the Government.

  3. l am an old player was for many years, but lost my chat and with a week to go, when Full Tilt Poker closed down 18 months ago. So I wont play until I get chat back, we have all been waiting and waiting for FTP to re open it is the best site of all.


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