Gambling Legislation, Compliance and Online Operators in Wait


EU Gambling Legislation Compliance

Gambling Legislation, Compliance and Online Operators in WaitInfringement proceedings were launched yesterday by the European Commission against Member States asking for compliance with EU rules. Sweden is topping the list of EU Member States drawing criticism as gambling laws and internet gaming legislation requests of conformity are being requested.

According to a press release sent out early yesterday, the Commission has made these requests formal with notification sent to Belgium, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland and Romania.

Sweden, already subject to an infringement proceeding, has been sent two formal requests to conform its legislation with EU laws. According to the press information, these are the first series of decisions from the European Commission regarding outstanding complaints and pending infringement cases against over 20 Member States.

“Today’s decision by the Commission is highly significant as it will bring further legal clarity to the online gambling market in the EU. We commend Commissioner Barnier and his services for their perseverance and commitment to making sure gambling regulation functions properly. EGBA urges Member States to use this opportunity to put in place effective, commercially viable gambling legislation which takes into account the CJEU requirements and to avoid the need for litigation at the Court of Justice.”Maarten Haijer, Secretary General of EGBA

UK Operators Transitional Period

In the UK, the Gambling Commission is giving a “transitional period” to operators seeking licensing as a possibility of delay in legislation is expected to occur. The UK Commission has stated that more time is needed as white listed operators are being asked to file a “continuation license.”

“As we have already set out in detail on our website, whatever the final date for implementation is next year, B2C operators who have made a valid operating license application will be able to continue to operate for a transitional period until their license application has been determined.”

Earlier this year it was initially planned that the Bill was to be announced in the Queen’s speech in May and introduced into Parliament in the next session with the likely hood of a commencement date for the regulatory reforms, this was assuming the Bill received Royal Ascent in the legislative period, of October 2014.

Perspectives Weekly

The latest from the APCW reports on the licensing process in New Jersey and the growth and popularity of skill gaming in the online gambling industry.



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