Host of National Fantasy Football Convention Sues


NFL Sued by Fantasy Sports Expo Over Cancellation of the National Fantasy Football Convention

Host of National Fantasy Football Convention SuesThe Fan Expo LLC filed suit against the NFL in district court for $1 million in damages. The NFL will have to defend themselves and justify the hypocritical stance they are facing with last month’s cancellation of the National Fantasy Football Convention.

The convention was supposed to take place over a three day course with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo appearing along with a few other NFL stars at the Las Vegas Sands Expo Center in Vegas. The convention was cancelled just one month before it was supposed to kick off. The reason the NFL claims it was cancelled was that they feature a longstanding policy of not association the National Football League with any sort of gambling.

“If we had known about the issue of the place or thought that was something that could’ve been an issue, the NFL could have told us right away,” Romo said on ESPN’s The Herd with Colin Cowherd. “The NFL never called me or my agency or the NFFC.”

The NFL insists that its policy would be broken if it took place and it would prevent players from being engaged with “promotional activities or other appearances at or in connection with events that are held at or sponsored by casinos.”

The filed lawsuit alleges that the NFL engaged in “blatant and premeditated sabotage” of the convention. It also states that the NFL was okay with the events, but waited until the “last minute” to cancel.

Here is a description of the events pertaining to the lawsuit in further details:

“However, just weeks before the inaugural event, the NFL placed a series of intimidating phone calls to players, their families, their agents, and the NFL Players Association (“NFLPA”), threatening that the players would be fined and potentially suspended from the NFL if they participated in the event. … As a direct result of the malicious and groundless threats made by the NFL, numerous players and media personnel withdrew their participation from the convention, and it became impossible for the NFFC to execute the July 2015 event.”



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