IGT Acquires Assets From Leap Forward Gaming, Inc.

IGT Acquires Assets From Leap Forward Gaming, Inc.

IGT Acquires Leap Forward Gaming Inc. Assets Including Several Patents and Other Intellectual Property

IGT announced its latest acquirement agreement deal. The announcement says that IGT has acquired Leap Forward Gaming Inc. assets that includes several patents and intellectual property the company owns. This agreement specifically pertains to Leap Forward’s SaffariNet Patron Display Interface ecosystem-multimedia technology. The litigation’s that were between Leap Forward Gaming and IGT has also been dismissed, per the acquirement agreement.

A while back IGT was claiming that Leap Forward was trying to exploit the proprietary technical knowledges with the creation of the player gaming activity tracker that was developed while the defendants were employed with IGT.

Ali Saffari, Leap Forward Gaming’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder will act as a consultant to IGT to enable that the integration is seamless and that all related applications and solutions to the transition settle with no issues.

“This acquisition builds upon IGT’s industry-leading intellectual property portfolio by enabling us to broaden the scope of our casino management systems solutions,” said Victor Duarte, IGT Global Chief Product Officer, Gaming“The acquired system-agnostic assets include applications and technologies that are complementary to IGT’s existing solutions, and may help us to enhance our offerings to customers over time.”


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