Illinois Seeking to Legalize Sports Betting, Fantasy Sports

Illinois Seeking to Legalize Sports Betting, Fantasy Sports

Illinois Making a Last Minute Attempt to Get Online Gaming Activities Legal in the State

Illinois is making a last minute attempt to get online gambling activities legal in the state. A proposed amendment was made to Senate Bill 7 that would attempt to legalize and regulate online gambling, daily fantasy sports and sports betting in the state.

Currently, there is no authorizing language for any of the three sectors, however three are placeholders for each with the authorizing language being added at some point before the bill is approved, passed and regulated.

Illinois is on a timeline to get things moving with the current legislation session wrapping up. The house adjourned late this week with the bill currently in the House Gaming Subcommittee. The Subcommittee is scheduled to have a hearing early next week. With Rep. Robert Rita submitting the amendment and chairing the Subcommittee, there may be a good chance to get the approval needed.

If the proper adjustments and addresses aren’t made next week it may be later in June or November before other attempts are made. If legislature doesn’t return next month, it’s been said that the next hearing won’t be until after the elections are done.

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