Improve Your Poker Game with Brain Sensor Technology


Could a Headset Improve Poker Playing Performance? New State-of-the Art Brain Sensor Technology Will Offer a Activity Tracker

Improve Your Poker Game with Brain Sensor TechnologyThe Emotiv headset was recently tested during the World Poker Tour in London. It is said that this new piece of enactment might improve poker player’s routine at the tables. This new headset measures brainwave activity and records the brain functions in different pressure situations.

The headset was tested at a World Poker Tour tournament with reports saying that it made the player make more precise decisions and that his overall game play improved. The Emotiv is said to provide feedback for when the player is excited or feeling irritated when playing.

Although, the Emotiv headset may be a good idea and benefit poker players’ the question being asked is; is wearing this type of technology a form of cheating? There have been many biased debates, but just like there was when smartphones were first introduced, many tried saying they shouldn’t be allowed at poker tables, and look now, all players have their phones with them when playing.

The company behind the new headset, SimpleUsability disclosed the results from another study showing that when the player is calm, playing performance increases and when feeling frustrated game play decreases, but is this new news? Everyone, when playing while feeling frustrated doesn’t display their best level of skill.

“Overall, the player’s frustration levels declined over the course of the first hour. His levels of frustration became lower and more consistent, with fewer peaks.” – A spokesman from SimpleUsability

The Emotiv headset starts out around $499 new, and goes up in price the more scientific contextual they are. Party Poker is apparently going to monitor data collected and it will also be analyzed in house by poker psychologists, the findings are to be made available at Your Brain On Poker.


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