iPoker Florida, US States Effort to Legalize Internet Poker


iPoker Florida Campaign Pushes to Legalize Online Poker in the State

iPoker Florida, US States Effort to Legalize Internet PokerMartin Shapiro, founder of iPoker Florida is more than determined to get online poker legalized in the state. Shapiro created the action group to open a window of opportunity for poker fans to stay updated with the latest debated legislatures. Shapiro’s coalition to take action now is due to Florida legislature needing to vote soon on new gambling laws in the state. If action isn’t taken now, or ignored online poker won’t be included in the new regulations.

Shapiro has even went as far as a proposal for legislature with moving forward with protections of players’ vulnerability, regulatory structures and negative political interest. Participation in the group is voluntary, but the number of players that have joined have enhanced with being active across social media outlets. There are around 40,000 players just in Florida. The website says anyone can sign up you don’t have to live in the state to be a part of the group.

Shapiro’s view on poker licensing and regulations should not be limited to just one vested body or one state group, they should be fully based on certain criteria. His hopes of the group is to create a California style standoff, but needs everyone to get involved in order to be successful.



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