Italian Poker Cash Games Show 23% Decline


Italian Online Poker Statistics Not Exactly What They Seem for 2015, National Regulatory Body (AAMS) Says 23% Cash Games Decline

Italian Poker Cash Games Show 23% DeclineIn recent years Italian online poker statistics have been hard to come by. AAMS, the Italian regulatory body stopped releasing the statistics for a couple years and now, there is just a section on the website that can be accessible by operators only pertaining to limited figures.

Whilst certain figures haven’t been released and other happenings going on with the online gambling market it was until this last week when media got a hold of some important data that explains what has been going on over the course of the last couple years. One set of numbers show that for the first half of 2015, cash game revenues have fallen dramatically. Overall online gambling showed a little growth, but online poker has had drop-offs with its revenue. Tournament play was up and is said to be thanks to PokerStars entering the market, but it’s hard to get a concise figure since they aren’t reported by themselves, they are reported in gross.

It is clear that one of the biggest issues are the cash games. Declining by as much as 23% the first half of revenues fell to $50.3 million for its year-over-year. Casino games was up 24%, sports betting 18% and gross gaming revenues almost 9.



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