Leander Games Launches New Set of Linked Jackpot Games

Leander Games Launches New Set of Linked Jackpot Games

Leander Games Debuts Linked Jackpot Games to Featured Events

Leander Games launched a wide assortment of linked jackpot games for featured events. The games pick up on different themes with a jackpot that rewards before a certain featured event. These games are unique with each one offering its own individuality.

Leander Games will continue to add different themes with the already existing ones such as St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas. The gaming provider said they will for sure be adding Valentine’s Day to the theme lineup next year. The games present new event-based graphics, but also offer the same great features with the math’s model.

The math’s model is where the jackpot balance is transferred from one game to the next with it negating for operators to seed new jackpot amounts for each different event. The games will cycle from one featured event to another, therefore a game will always be live and a jackpot will always be won.

Steven Matsell, Chief Executive for Leander Games said,

“These games will look and feel new and are full of event-based interest, but because they are linked in terms of the mechanics and the jackpots, it means that players will have instant recognition of the games and how to play them.”


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