Multi State Poker Network Proves Profitable for Delaware


Online Poker Revenue Increases for the Month of March for Delaware, A Surge of 26% for the Multi State Poker Network (MSPN)

Multi State Poker Network Proves Profitable for DelawareIncreased revenues have been reported by the Delaware Lottery for the month of March. The boost in online play comes after Delaware and Nevada entered into a Multi State Poker Network (MSPN) agreement. From the reported month-on-month improvements, merging the two states network seems to be one the best beneficial or financial moves the two states could have done.

At the time of the launch the Governor of Delaware commented that the new network services could be the answer to help with boosting online poker in both states, and so far he was right! Governor Markel stated, “We now offer an online poker option that is more competitive and more enjoyable for its users, thanks to this collaborative effort.”

Increased revenues amounted to 26% higher than what was seen in February. It was reported in February that the state seen a 25% increase as well, so the jump in revenues for March is about a 50% jump from January’s revenues.

This is a first in the US for a merged poker network to be offered to players’. Players in both states can now connect and participate in online poker gaming activities with more competition, and more generated revenues for the two states.


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