Online Gamblers Optimistic After Bitcoin Expo in Toronto Canada


Online Gamblers Optimistic After Bitcoin Expo in Toronto CanadaToronto’s first Bitcoin expo was presided over by the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada and filled with experts related to the emerging Bitcoin industry. Prominently featured were Bitcoin Decentral, Etherum, Prepaid Bitcoin and CA Virtex. Though largely concentrating on Canada, the Bitcoin expo displayed a wealth of knowledge that can be utilized throughout the world.

Conference sessions discussed an array of topics including legal issues, block chains and crypto verification. The future of Bitcoin was also addressed with speakers offering their opinions that Bitcoins could be complementary in conjunction with foreign currencies.

Speakers expressed their belief as well that traditional currencies could be replaced by Bitcoins and various virtual currencies.Though concerns with security and fraud were acknowledged, speakers insisted that Bitcoin remains a better option than fiat currency ( a country’s primary currency).

A present currency crisis was implied by comparing Bitcoins with the now unreliable U.S. dollars. Though an increasing amount of merchants will take virtual currency, speakers admit full potential will not be achieved until all Bitcoin purchases are accepted.

Conference presenters debated various types of currency and though some held the opinion that those other types are imposters, not everyone agreed. Bitcoin is not yet known throughout the world and other crypto currencies have been introduced and are gaining in popularity.

Due to the influx of the introductions to the market, the Bitcoin’s true value has been difficult to establish.

The topics of freedom and anonymity are of great concern to today’s gamblers. The idea of anonymous transactions and the inability to be located by government agencies holds an attraction to gamblers pondering Bitcoin usage. Some in the gambling industry fear there is little to no difference between Bitcoin and traditional currency and therefore see little advantage in switching.

A large disadvantage at this time is that online gambling operators and bettors would rather deal in actual cash for everyday transactions. If Bitcoin and traditional currency could be interchanged, more people may be willing to use Bitcoins as payment in the future. This would be a dream fulfilled for offshore gambling and a boost for their sites.

Those attending the Bitcoin expo gained insight into the future of crypto currency. Speakers discussed the positives and negatives of Bitcoin, and questions remain regarding its viability as a payment method. As this industry continues to grow, gamblers who wish to place bets offshore have hope once again due to Bitcoin.


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