Penn House of Reps Reject Poker Proposal

Penn House of Reps Reject Poker Proposal

Online Poker and Casino Games Rejected by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, But Consideration Still Up in the Air

The plan for regulated online poker and casino games in the state of Pennsylvania was rejected today. Lawmakers in the House of Representatives said they will consider looking over the proposal at a later date, but not now. The proposal received 81 for approving the bill, but 107 for not to. The expansion of video gaming terminals in the state was denied as well.

The reports didn’t say if whether amendments would be reconsidered for online casino games individually. Now Internet gaming is a different story! This issue could be looked at May 25th. Debates could get underway with Rep. John Payne speaking on behalf of the bill.

Rep. George Dunbar wants to address the credit card issues for online gaming accounts. He said that he wants to

address some things that not everybody understands. You can gamble online in Pennsylvania right now. Maybe not in this building because of firewalls, but I guarantee you, I can walk out of this building and play poker tonight at the Radisson Hotel. I can use a credit card to do it. What we are providing in this bill is consumer protection.

Also commenting was Rep. John Payne:

“I have to thank (Dunbar); he has more knowledge of gaming than I do. When he tells you he can walk out tonight and go to his hotel and gamble online, and use his credit card to play, he is telling you the truth. My whole intent when introducing the I-gaming bill was to bring protections to my children, my grandchildren, the compulsive gamers. Make no mistake, you can gamble online right now without this bill using a credit card.”

“If you are going to vote ‘no’, please don’t use the crutch that it’s because you want to protect people. The protections are in this amendment…We are, like it or not, the majority shareholder in the casino industry in Pennsylvania because we get 54 percent of the [revenue]. In the private sector that would mean we are the majority shareholder. It behooves us to make sure our casinos do well because we get more money.”

“I didn’t do this because I was pro anything but business.”


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