PokerStars Caribbean Adventure: Day 3 report

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In the 2012 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure then overnight leader on day 2 Faraz Jaka is still going incredibly strongly and currently is in third position with a huge 1.22 million chip stack. Although he hasn’t really pushed on all that much having started the day on 700,000 and so has only increased his stack by 522,000 despite increasing blinds. Being third in any event after three days is a massive achievement though and we have a new leader in Phil D’Auteuil on around 1.47 million with Sam Greenwood not far behind on 1.4 million.

We were soon bursting the bubble during the first level of the day and all remaining players were firmly in the money seats. Overnight leader Jaka was hit a few times during the day losing key pots to Barry Greenstein of all people but he never allowed that to derail him. He does love to play lots of pots and when variance smacks a player like that in the face then a huge chip stack is the end result. Phil D’Auteuil though was steadily increasing his stack all day and in one huge pot he hit a flush on the river which really did wonders for his chances and catapulted his stack towards the million mark.

Although well down the field with only 168,000 in chips, the defending champion Galen Hall is still in contention as is Spanish professional golfer Sergio Garcia who has outlasted a string of world class tournament players. Hall though has had a good result in the high roller event and picked up $470,000 for his third place finish there and seems to be on something of a roll here and so you cannot write him off just yet. But going into day 4 and the top ten players will be difficult to stop.

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