PokerStars Puts a Stop to Free-to-Play Games in Washington State

PokerStars Puts a Stop to Free-to-Play Games in Washington State

PokerStars No Longer Will Offer Free to Play Online Poker to Residents in the US State of Washington, Decision Made as Precautionary Measure

This week PokerStars stopped all their free to play games on their website in the state of Washington. Washington has always been a stickler for tough laws especially against online gambling, but the decision that PokerStars made denying access to residents of the state is due to the recent ruling made by the Ninth Circuit of US Court of Appeals stating that social casino games are illegal.

The court ruled that in the Big Fish Casino case, under the State of Washington’s existing gambling laws all social casino games are deemed illegal. There’s been several queries received according to the Washington State Gambling Commission about the decision of the courts.

PokerStars expressed their feelings and opinions on the ruling saying the law will be clarified and they may reinstate their activities in the state in the future whenever clarification is received. The court’s ruling didn’t involve PokerStars, but with the “bad actor” allegations that have been thrown at the operator in the past, it makes sense for them to withdrawal their status until everything is levelled out and the state reviews the ruling to make sure which activities are compliant with regulations and which are not.


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