Reid and Kyle’s Online Gambling Deal to Legalize Online Poker

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If you are a supporter of legalizing online poker, then the argument that unlike other forms of gambling, poker is a game of skill and is less prone to fraud since players bet against each other and not the game operator will find you in favor in Reid and Kyle’s online gambling deal.

Senators Reid and Republican Senate Minority Kyl have a deal on legislation to legalize online poker and some say they are close to finding supporters while tightening restrictions on other forms of Internet gaming.

“Here’s the issue, Sen. Kyl and I’ve worked very hard. What we need to do is get some Republican support. That hasn’t been forthcoming yet,” Reid told Tech Daily Dose on Tuesday.

Since the recent interpretation of the the Federal Wire Act has significantly changed and in regards to those that offer for-money online poker to U.S. players, many believe the decision would open the door to state approval of online gambling operations in their borders.

History was even made by Delaware last month as the state became the first to legalize online gambling within its borders.

Kyl has said this past Monday that “federal lawmakers need to clarify what the law is in the wake of the Justice Department’s new interpretation of the Wire Act. “It’s an opportunity to go back and revise the Wire Act, make sure that everybody knows that it applies to Internet gambling.”

Kyl continues to seek support which would help to clarify the legality of numerous forms of online gambling in the wake of a new interpretation of the Wire Act released by the Justice Department late last year.

Reported by Maggie B.


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