Relax Fast Poker Network Breathing New Life into Online Poker

Microgaming and iGame is a new brand from the company owning 24hPoker, along with Unibet and Betsson, some of the largest operators on the European gambling market. Fast Poker is operated by Relax Gaming Network Ltd, which is licensed in Alderney by the AGCC and is planned to be launched to the public during the coming month.

“We are thrilled to launch Relax Fast Poker Network together with some of the very leading names in the industry. We look forward to the launch and are sure more operators will join in. Fast Poker has the potential to make Poker really hot again, its fun, fast and easy, a great way of playing Poker” says Patrik Österåker, CEO of Relax Gaming Network Ltd.

iGame promises that “Fast Poker” means non-stop poker action. Poker players will minimize waiting time between hands with continuous game play. Players will join a player pool and face a different table of opponents for every hand you play. Immediately, after folding players are moved to a new table and instantaneously dealt a new hand.

Daniel Eskola, Unibet’s Head of Gaming says; “This is a major, exciting development in the online poker world which offers players a new, fun spin on poker without losing the essence of game. We are very much looking forward to strengthening our existing poker offering by working with Relax Gaming and have high hopes that our poker players will enjoy this new poker product.”

“We have high expectations of Fast Poker” says Tobias Fagerlund, CEO of iGame Malta Ltd, and continues; “We will run it on all our brands,, and and consider Fast Poker as an important and vital part of our future strategy. We think it will revitalize the concept of Network Poker and become very popular amongst our many poker players”

Henric Andersson, Director of Business Operations at Betsson, comments; “We think that Fast Poker developed by Relax Gaming is a very interesting addition to the poker market and will be interesting to see how our customers will welcome this addition to our poker offering on our brands Betsafe and Betsson.”

Back in January Relax Gaming released another innovative game, Coinflip Hold’Em.

Coinflip Hold’em is a poker flip against the house. To win, you have to get a better hand than the house in a single deal of Texas Hold’em, or get a straight or better to win with the bonus bet!

Game rules:

-Game is played with a single 52 card deck.
-The player and the house are dealt two hole cards at random, and then a board of five community cards is dealt. The best possible five card poker hand is formed for both sides by combining their hole cards and the community cards.
-If the player’s hand is higher, he or she wins money equal to his or her bet. If the house has the higher hand, or hands are tied, the player loses his or her bet.

Reported by Maggie B.



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