RGT, Think Tank Demos Social Media Gambling Reports


Social Media Gambling Challenges Receive Warning from Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT)

RGT, Think Tank Demos Social Media Gambling ReportsThink Tank Demos as well as RGT (Responsible Gambling Trust, the leading charity in the UK committed to minimizing gambling-related harm) have done research and recently issued a report that shows that there is an increase in social media challenges for gambling regulators. The report uncovered that there were 900,000 Twitter users in Britain that are following at least one, if not more, promotional accounts.

The report also uncovered that just on the social media network Twitter, there were 877 accounts that endorse gambling. Research also uncovered that any Twitter user that was watching the three highest gambling accounts would get a promotional message approximately every 240 seconds, or four minutes. RGT as well as Demos stated that the report has some highpoints that include issues such as the array of online products and its sources that promote gambling. These comprise of applications operating with a digital currency or online tipster.

Some other hurdles entail a tiny amount of highly intensive followers of gambling accounts along with a limited use by online efforts to aid and advise those wishing to venture away from problem gambling.

Chief Executive for RGT, Marc Etches, stated that “RGT is committed to minimizing gambling-related harm, and the interaction between social media. Gambling is an increasingly important consideration. There is a need to maintain a careful balance between the freedom to promote legitimate commerce and the need to protect vulnerable people. We hope that this report will be helpful to policy makers, regulators, and to all of those working to minimize gambling related harm.”



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