Russia Looking to Reclassify Poker Games for Regulation


Regulated Online Poker in Russia Looking Better Than Ever as Government Looks to Reclassify Casino Games as Games of Skill

Russia Looking to Reclassify Poker Games for RegulationRegulated online poker may not be legalized as of yet in Russia, but the future is looking good. The federation’s government is debating whether or not to reclassify the game to a game of skill, and if this is done, the government will regulate it and open up the online poker market in the country.

There are many benefits to regulating online poker. Government officials are examining the potentials with making the right steps in 2014 towards regulation. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov ordered a research study with how much involvement of skill it takes to play poker.

There was recently a meeting to discuss the outcome and findings of the research study this month. The outcome resulted in that poker is a game of skill. This study has led Russian President Vladimir Putin to order a study now to examine possible tax revenues the country would receive from online poker. The study suggests that the country could see as much as 5 billion Rubles. This money would then be used to fund sporting events.

There are more potentials to legalize the game in the country, than if it were left as it is. Russia has always been known for their liberal standpoint on poker until recently.



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