Seminole Hard Rock Entertainment May Revive Revel


New Jersey May be Getting a Hard Rock Casino and Hotel Soon, As Preliminary OK is Granted to Seminole Hard Rock Entertainment Group to Enter NJ Market

Hard Rock Casino May Be Reborn from RevelOne of the most influential operators for casino/hotels is the Seminole Hard Rock Entertainment group. They are owned by the Seminole Indian tribe in Florida and have recently announced that they are enlivening their plans to make an entrance into the New Jersey market.

The announcement was released last Thursday when the entertainment group received their approval from the New Jersey Casino Control Commission to brand anywhere in New Jersey whether it be Atlantic City or somewhere else, but since New Jersey laws state that gambling activities must remain within Atlantic City it is safe to say that the casino will be built or opened here. The Seminole Hard Rock Entertainment group was actually planning on opening up a land based hotel and casino venue back in 2011 until the poor economic conditions were not getting any better. The original plans was to be completed by 2015.

Sources say, or confirm rather, that the entertainment group has their eye on Revel Casino as one of their interested locations to open up a Hard Rock Casino. Details haven’t been disclosed, but discussions have been in the works with Glen Straub, Revel buyer for maybe a potential partnership.

“We’ve certainly been looking at Revel, going back to our inception. It’s an amazing building, but it does have some challenges.” – CEO James Allen reveals in statement about the possibility of using the recently closed Revel Casino building.

Allen is considering all options that would be cost effective especially since he also stated, “We love the boutique casino concept, If the right opportunity comes along, we can move quickly.”


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