Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark Introduces Anti-Online Gambling Bill S. 3376

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark Introduces Anti-Online Gambling Bill S. 3376

Anti-Online Gambling Bill S. 3376 Introduced to Congress by Senator Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas

Senator Tom Cotton, author of the Senate Bill S.3376, shows that he (Cotton) has signed as a Sheldon Adelson’s Restoration of America’s Wire Act sponsor. He is also against the legalization of the United States being allowed to offer online gambling. This new bill, which was introduced earlier this month, according to Congress is said, “to ensure the integrity of laws enacted to prevent the use of financial instruments for funding or operating online casinos are not undermined by legal opinions not carrying the force of law issued by the federal government lawyers.”

The new bill, which is being closely monitored by the Poker Players Alliance, consists of the following: “The Memorandum Opinion for the Assistant Attorney General of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice, dated September 20, 2011, shall have no force or effect for the purposed of interpreting section 5362(10) of title 31, United States Code.”

Cotton is the youngest member of the US Senate, at age 39, and only served in the House for 2 years before attaining his seat in the Senate as junior Senator. His political career began in 2010, after leaving the army where he had previously served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, as well as a Military Logistics Officer in Afghanistan.

Cotton graduated from Harvard Law School, where he had written an article that had him questioning the worth of the Internet as a teaching tool. He has since changed his views in which he now believes the Internet has significantly matured, and is a volatile to education and life.

The PPA which originally brought light to the bill has posted a copy on their website.


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