Sky Bet Under Scutiny as Betting App Falters Odds


Sky Bet Admits Administration Error with Football Bets, App Moves Goalposts for Odds at Chelsea Match

Sky Bet Under Scutiny as Betting App Falters OddsNeedless to say there were some furious soccer fans and bettors with the outcome of the Chelsea match, and it wasn’t because of which team won, it’s because of Sky Bet’s mobile app. The mobile phone app offered odds of 25-1 for a PSG win in extra time, but when paying out they only paid 9-2.

Punter Emil Bolstad, 26, expected win of £150 on a £6 stake back didn’t go as planned, as he profited just £27 stating, “It’s false advertising. I made the bet based on 25-1 odds, not 9-2. It was only when it came time to pay up that I noticed the odds had changed. “If they can do this because of an “error”, they can do it for all their odds. They could triple their odds and after people have bet say, “Oh no, it was a mistake” and not pay out.”

Sky Bet admits to being at fault claiming it was an administration error. The Champions League between Paris Saint- Germain and Chelsea was a crucial match where bettors should have been paid £260 instead of the £55 for a £10 wager. The payout was supposed to include the bettor’s original stake back as well.

Sky Bet claims the odds were clearly wrong and that the fine print of its terms and conditions clearly states it will pay out of the smaller price between the two. Sky Bet sent out emails to customers who placed wagers on the 25-1 price. The email stated they would be paid at the lower odds due to the administration error.

Managing Director for Sky Bet Richard Flint stated, “the odds were clearly wrong and occasionally mistakes happen. In this case a wrong price was displayed for around three minutes, and a small number of customers bet at incorrect odds.”


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