Swedish Gaming Regulator Open Application Process Starts July 1st

Swedish Gaming Regulator Open Application Process Starts July 1st

July 1st Sweden Regulator Will Open the Application Process

Lotteriinspektionen, Swedeish Gaming Regulator announced it will open up the application process for all new licenses on July 1st. New laws are set to be introduced January 1, 2019 with the new regulations still waiting to be finalized. The regulator spent most of last year working on general and technical aspects of the new regulations and its almost being time for the updated versions of the regulations to be introduced.

Camilla Rosenberg, Director General of the Lotteriinspektionen said,

“The awarding of licences and the dates from which they will be valid will depend partly on the quality of the applications and when they are received by the Swedish Gambling Authority. We will make a comprehensive assessment of both the application and of the company behind the application. I would like to say that the re-regulation is extensive and will take time.”

Rosenberg added,

“Not everything will be clear from day one; the entire reform will be evaluated over a three-year period. The Swedish Gambling Authority – transforming into the new gaming authority – will do its best, given the conditions we face, to make reform successful. Our aim is to be as transparent as possible and provide regular information about new details and conditions.”


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