The Gambler's Report, SB1739 Online Gambling in Illinois?


The Gambler's Report, SB1739 Online Gambling in Illinois? If supporters of Senate Bill SB1739 can get it right with its recent proposal, then the third time will definitely be a charm for online gambling in Illinois. There are many amendments to the Chicago Casino Development bill, in particular the amendment pertaining to,”Establishing the Division of Internet Gaming within the Department of the Lottery for the purpose of administering, regulating, and enforcing a system of Internet gaming” which will allow the residents in the state freedom to access gambling from home PC’s and mobile devices.

The latest proposal, yet to be approved by Gov. Pat Quinn has seen two previous rejections and the ideas behind adding additional casinos, slot machines as well as online gambling will have to uphold under the strict ethical guidelines and regulation which were the causes to the bills previous failed attempts.

Gov. Quinn has been considering a possibility of the bill if standards can be adhered to; the governor wants the state gaming board to have a strong authority over Chicago casinos, he would like an appointed inspector general to monitor gaming and a ban on online gambling political contributions.

It seems that advocates of the internet gambling bill are willing to meet the requirements in order to see the bill come to fruition as supporter Sen. Terry Link, said “The stars are probably lining up better than they’ve ever lined up, we’re doing a lot of the things that the governor wanted.”

Chicago’s could make history once again as it did when it became the first state to to sell lottery tickets online last year if the bill gets the approval it needs. The revenue generated from legalizing online gambling will help aid in the states projected $100 billion pension debt with a possibility of  $400 million to $1 billion that will come from the new casinos and regulation of online gambling.


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