Casino Terms and Conditions: Know Before Playing!


Casino Terms and Conditions, What You Need to Know Before Accepting Bonuses, Play-through Requirements and Are You at Fault

Casino Terms and Conditions: Know Before Playing!We receive quite a few complaints from players that are not being paid what they are owed. The emails usually go something like this…

“I deposited at xxxcasino and now they won’t pay. I’ve contacted customer service and live chat but they just ignore me or cut me off. Please help.”

Most of the time the lack of detail is a dead giveaway as to what’s really going on. Through many years of dealing with these types of scenarios we’ve come to the conclusion that the player has not read the casino’s terms and conditions.

Our first indication of this fact is that the player will omit pertinent details in their complaint submissions. We have found that at this point, they have already been contacted by the casino with a response indicating their lack of understanding the casino’s terms and conditions, usually in regards to bonuses or free chip offers.

It is imperative that players read a casino bonus terms. By reading and understanding these terms and conditions, any winnings by the players will not be lost. 

In our experience, a reputable and safe operating casino will be lenient and return a players original deposit, however this is not the case with every casino.

Examples of this are usually related to game play. Accepting a bonus or free spin chip always has conditions so read the fine print. If casinos did not have conditions to a bonus then this wouldn’t be gambling it would be a charitable donation.

The conditions are for the most part straight forward. If you accept a bonus there will be a certain amount of play-through required before players can cash out. It’s very important to understand what play-through requirements are when attached to a bonus. Like we said most are straight forward, however, some casinos have ridiculous play-through requirements that are nearly impossible to meet. If it sounds confusing its probably not worth your time.

A quick and easy definition of a play-through requirement is, “a multiplier that represents the number of times you have to play through a bonus amount before you are eligible to cash out any winnings received using funds awarded through a bonus.

Example of a Play-Through Requirement:

Let’s say the casino offers 100% match bonus up to $100 and the player takes the entire bonus and deposits $100. The casino matches it and now the player has $200 in their account. Now, let’s also say this bonus comes with a play-through requirement of 25x. This is 25x the player deposit plus the bonus which calculates to 25x$200= $5000. $5000 is how much the player will need to bet in order to collect their winnings.

Keep in mind that most online casinos have game restrictions with bonuses. Game restrictions for the most part usually only allow the player to play on slot games. Table games are sometimes forbidden or only account for a small percent of the play-through requirement. These are things that the player needs to know and those can only be found in the bonus terms and conditions. Relying on customer support to tell you the rules when accepting a bonus is a very bad idea. It is the players responsibility to know all the rules of an accepted bonus!

There are of course other issues players can run into when accepting bonuses aside from knowing what the play-through requirements and types of games they can play that are attached to these types of bonuses.

An example of this can be found in the below email we recently received:

Player Message:
xxxcasino is ignoring my request to withdrawal… i have 500$ on my account they wont pay… been submitting tickets, writing emails… trying to call their phone number… with no luck… the few times i got an answer on the live chat, it stops as soon as i ask about the withdrawal, then no answer or the chat gets disconnected! this casino is scamming people!

We contacted the casino in question and asked if they could look into this issue for us.

The casino got back to us with the following statement:

This player is from a restricted country, she has already been informed she does not qualify for the freechip promotion.

We appreciate your help


It was quite clear that the player had been informed of this by the casino but yet failed to tell us this in her original complaint email. We explained to the player that although players from her country are allowed to play at the casino they are restricted from accepting bonuses and free chips. This was very clear in the casinos terms and conditions and her country was on the list of restrictions.

The player most likely didn’t read the bonus terms before accepting it and now after the fact are upset for not receiving their perceived 500$ payout.

Again… It is the players responsibility to know all the rules of any bonuses accepted!

If a player chooses to NOT read the terms and unwittingly breaks the conditions set by a casino they will not have a leg to stand on when it comes time to cash out on their winnings. Contacting us for help will not do any good at this point.

Rick Norris,
CS Report

Rick Norris is the originating founder of Casino Scam Report ( which has now been rebranded to Casino Players Report. For over 15 years he has helped players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars for players.


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