Celebrate International Women’s Equality Day at Downtown Bingo


Join the International Women’s Equality Bingo Event and Play Two Fun-Filled Hours of Fair N Square Games

International Women’s Day is this Saturday August 26th. The 1920 passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution will be commemorated and Downtown Bingo wants to celebrate with the fairest bingo games of all times with the Women’s Equality Fair N Square promotion.

The fun-filled event will kick off at 5:00pm EDT in the Summer Bingo room. As everyone celebrates the day women were granted the right to vote, everyone will also be celebrating two hours of nonstop bingo fun with $100 cash prizes with every game played.

What makes the special games the fairest of all? Every game played every player will be allowed the same number of cards. Downtown has set this limit to six bingo cards, no more, no less. All cards are just $.50 each, so $3.00 total for guaranteed prizes.

Everyone has the same odds of winning making the Women’s Equality Fair N Square promotion the fairest of all promotions.

What makes this promotion, or day more special? If you join Downtown Bingo today you will get to play the special event costing you zero. Downtown gives all new players a $5 credit upon signup plus a 500% match with the first deposit made.


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