Complaint Filed Against Norway Gaming Authority Payment Blocking Scheme

Complaint Filed Against Norway Gaming Authority Payment Blocking Scheme

European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) Complaints States Norway’s System Breaches Data and Human Rights Laws through Personal Banking Information

A Norwegian payment blocking organization is being investigated for privacy breaches. The European Gaming and Betting Association asked the Norwegian Data Protection Inspectorate to initiate the investigation for analyses of violating the privacy rights of citizens when conducting online payments. The EGBA claims that the privacy breaches break the Norwegian Data Protection laws and Human Rights.

The Norwegian Payment Blocking Regulation was first introduced back in 2010. The regulation prohibits all business who do not have a license in Norway to accept or transact payments on prizes and wagers with online gambling activities.

Maarten Haijer, Secretary General of EGBA said, “Online data protection and the right to privacy are a major concern to all Norwegian and European citizens and rightly so. As more and more of our information goes online, we must be able to trust that our online data is protected.”

Haijer added, “The data protection rules for online gambling companies are very stringent, and these companies are rightly expected and forced to comply with those rules – but the law requires the same from public authorities like the NGA. In this case we believe the NGA has made a clear breach of data protection rules which the Norwegian DPI should investigate and take appropriate action if necessary.”


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