Coral Censured by ASA for Free Bets Advertising

Coral Censured by ASA for Free Bets Advertising

UK Advertising Standards Agency ASA, Warns Coral Over its Free Bets Advertising

The UK Advertising Standards Agency has warned Coral over a post made on social media pertaining its advertisement of free bets. The ASA reprimanded the operator for breaching marketing and advertising rules for the offending tweet.

The breaching post was made by Coral back in April highlighting a special bonus offer for the match between Real Madrid and Manchester City with the Uefa Champions League. The offer consisted of a payout of 81-1 for all £5 bets that were made on the Spanish side to win at odds of 5-4.

The posted tweet was copied and turned into the ASA. Details of the post stated,

 “The easiest £40 you’ll make this week.”

This simply implied that it was a risk-free bet offer, but it didn’t spell out the details such as if winnings from the free bet would be paid out in cash or free bet tokens.

Of course Coral defended themselves saying there was a risk of losing, but the ASA disagreed with the operator’s assertion saying it was very clear that all winnings would be paid out in free bets.

The ASA basically ordered Coral for the ad to not appear again with its current or posted form. They said that

“We told Coral Interactive (Gibraltar) Ltd to ensure they made clear if winnings would be paid out in free bets.”


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