Czech Gambling Tax is Now Two-Tiered Rate


Czech Republic Recent Gambling Tax Proposals Decides on Two-Tiered Rate Higher Rate for Casino’s Than Opposed to Sports

Czech Gambling Tax is Now Two-Tiered RatePolitical debates in the Czech Republic with gambling tax rates that keep climbing continue throughout the territory. Spike in tax rates of 20% seem to have evolved itself into a new two level concept which will introduce a 23% tax rate on all sports betting and 28% for casino and lottery games online or land-based. The plan to revise tax regimes will see lower tax rates for certain gambling products when compared to others.

Depending on the number of slots in a land-based venue, land-based operators could see a daily double of the tax levy with the new proposals. It’s not approved yet, but the new proposal will move into the second reading with the national parliament in October.

This proposal differs a great deal from the current one of 25% at a flat rate across the industry no matter what the game is. Government plans, according to local media reports indicate that licensing and regulatory regime’s for online activities continue and are scheduled for implementation sometime in 2016.

The welcome mat for online international operators hasn’t been rolled out yet, but with the possibility of politicians still considering executions is a great sign that soon Czech Republic will be added to the global online gambling market.



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