Czech Republic Reports Decreasing Slot Machine Revenues for 2018

Czech Republic Reports Decreasing Slot Machine Revenues for 2018

The Czech Republic reported decreasing revenues for the 2018 gaming year thanks to the lowered slot machine contribution.

Regulated gambling across the market fell bt 21.3% to $1.4 billion. A total of CZK 249.4 billion was wagered by players across all gambling products and channels. Although gaming totals were lower than expected, they were up by 11.3% compared to 2017.

Slots are referred to as “technical games” by the Czech General Directorate of Finance. The Directorate said slot revenue struggled during the year with it dropping an astounding 39.3% in revenues. Land-based slot revenues also took a nose-dive with 42.4% in shortened revenues. The Directorate says the shortage in revenues follows the introduction of tightened controls on bonuses that land-based casinos offer its players. The tougher rules with player registration and the identification process played a big role as well.

Live games and other table games seen a growth in revenues by 8%. Online revenues increased just a little, not a significant amount, but enough to try and offset where revenue growth lacked. The Czech government agreed to an increase in tax rates starting January 2020. They are hoping this will limit the availability of addictive behavior-based products.


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