Danske Spil to Introduce a New Identification Requirement

Danske Spil to Introduce a New Identification Requirement

Danske Spils New Identification Requirement for its Retail Network Will Ensure that minors and Money Launderers Won’t Have Access to Their Products

Danske Spil is ready to introduce a new identification requirement that will ensure minors are not participating in gambling activities and to stop money laundering transactions at the operators’ retail network that consists of more than 3,000 vendors. Danske Spil said a player card will be required to identify customers who are looking to purchase at any of their retail locations including supermarkets and betting kiosks.

Danske Spil’s Chief Executive, Susanne Morch Koch explained that the company will not tolerate uncertainty when it comes to knowing who is gambling with their products whether its for money laundering activities or children getting their hands on their gambling products. Danske Spil already carries out extensive and thorough checks with its betting kiosks and working closely with authorities for criminal intent players, but not knowing if a criminal goes under their radar is unacceptable Koch said.

One of the main focuses for the operator is to gain control on underage play. Age restriction and limit compliance is a top priority, and always has been, and with the new identification card and process, Danske Spil will have the correct tools to put a stop to underage gambling.


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