Delaware Attorney General Orders End to Online DFS Betting

Delaware Attorney General Orders End to Online DFS Betting

Yahoo, DraftKings and FanDuel Issued Cease and Desist Letters in Delaware – DFS Not Permitted in US State Says Attorney General

The DFS market has been holding its own, per say, until this last week. Delaware Attorney General Matt Denn has decided that daily fantasy sports is, under state law, illegal. DFS has been cleared and concluded as legal in six states this year, but it won’t see any activity in Delaware.

A press release on Friday indicated that the Delaware Department of Justice sent cease and desist letters to DFS operators including Yahoo, DraftKings and FanDuel. The Department of Justice says that “online fantasy sports activities are not permitted under Delaware law,” with these three sites. They asked that “the companies add Delaware to their respective online lists of states in which players are not legally permitted to win monetary prizes.”

Delaware was contemplating the legality of DFS activities in the state last year. Tom Cook, Delaware’s Finance Secretary said that it was being examined and reviewed. Cook said

“We’ve obviously been following all of the events that have been going on surrounding this. When Nevada made the first move to shut down the sites, we felt that it was our obligation to certainly understand their reasoning behind it.”

2016 was a different story! There was hardly any talk about legalizing and passing the bill. The bill appeared in the late session of legislature. The summer session adjourned without the bill passing.


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