Digitain Announces the Release of its Rock, Paper, Scissors Classic

Digitain Announces the Release of its Rock, Paper, Scissors Classic

Digitain, one of the leading sportsbook and casino platform providers, announced the release of a gaming classic; Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Digitain’s content is well known throughout the industry for its customizable options and sizeable cash prizes. Rock, Paper, Scissors is no different with players being able to determine the stake, winning score line, step time and duration of the game.

Game play starts with two players entering the lobby to take on random opponents. Wagers must be placed with one point being awarded for each winning move that is obtained. Second guessing their opponent will land a cash prize. Digitain said the new release will test anticipation, risk, engagement and probability. The casino platform provider also said they haven’t met a player yet that isn’t accustomed to a beloved house classic such as Rock, Paper, Scissors. They are sure players from around the world will love the new game and are excited to see their reaction.

The launch of the new game makes for an exciting start to the new year. Digitain reach several impressive milestones last year including several prominent titles being rewarded at the BEGE and EGR Awards for its in-house portfolio of traditional and skill games.


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