Disney, Seminole Tribe Form Plan to Stop Casino in Florida

Disney, Seminole Tribe Form Plan to Stop Casino in Florida

September was the month when we saw activity from Disney and the Seminole Tribe of Florida against the gambling industry.

We saw at least $10 million go down the drain in order to prevent casinos and online gambling sites from getting traction in the Vacation center of the U.S. And yet again, they are trying to do the same, but this time they have chosen their dates very well. November is the month that general elections will be hitting the state, therefore another $10 million “donated” to their cause is sure to gain more popularity with the voters.

Voters in Charge is a lobby group, which has a sole purpose of seeing gambling become a lot more prevalent in Florida. Therefore Disney and the Seminole Indian tribe, that is desperate to rescue the state from gamblers and way too much adult content, have decided to contribute more than $36 million to Voters in Charge, hoping that they will be able to handle the crisis. The strategy of the group is to campaign for the Third Amendment, which ultimately gives the population of Florida the last say in whether or not gambling is good for the state. According to CasinoReviewer.org report, online casinos in the state may be coming under attack as well, but for now, it looks like Disney and the Seminole Tribe are more focused on the live casinos.

We think it’s pretty obvious why Disney want less gambling in the state. It’s family friendly business will surely be less of an attraction, in case of casinos gain a good footing for all the tourists and locals in the area. The Seminole Tribe are just trying to keep what is theirs. You see they own some of the casinos throughout the state and are therefore fighting for less competition. 60% approval is needed for Amendment 3 to put the state’s population as the main voice for the topic of casinos, but for now, the state legislature has the last say.

Voters in Charge (VC) have a long road ahead to be able to succeed in their campaigns. Their two rival PACs (Political Action Committees) are “Vote NO on 3” and CTAA3 (Citizens for the Truth about Amendment 3). The reason it will be very hard for them to defeat these entities is that the support they have gained from pretty much every other gambling company in the state, making them probably 2 or 3 times better funded than the VC.

The fact that there are people against their own right to make a decision for the state is mind-boggling, but there is merit to it still. The people fighting Amendment 3 believe that reducing gambling presence in Florida will have dire consequences to its revenue and job count. They are saying that other states will take over the industry, while Florida will be left behind to try to make their economy work through the dying tourism industry.

November 6 will be the date that Floridians vote on Amendment 3. We believe that no matter which party is victorious, the result will be the same, that the opposing party will have some sort of strikes prepared for that scenario. Hopefully, we can all avoid controversy.


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