Does Feds Arrest & Seizure of Online Poker Sites = Daniel Tzvetkoff?

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Our readers may remember a story we were following here at Casino Scam Report last year about an online gambling processor named Daniel Tzvetkoff who was arrested and faced up to 75 years in prison for the money laundering, fraud and operating an illegal gambling processor. This may be an important piece of information to remember while we watch the latest case against three of online poker’s biggest sites develop. Friday April 15th, now known as “black Friday” to the online poker community saw three of the top online poker sites seized by the US Federal government and the arrest of three of their founding members. PokerStars, Full Tilt and Absolute Poker/ Ultimate Bet have all been seized by the Feds and more arrests are imminent.

What does all this have to do with the Daniel Tzvetkoff case? Let’s discuss that, after his arrest if became clear that he was making deals with the Feds to save himself from a life in prison. It is alleged, but never proven because his case never went to court, that Mr. Tzvetkoff masterminded the invention of the illegal system used to process billions of dollars in online gambling transactions for US players and internet gambling sites. Having this information made him useful to the Feds and a deal allegedly was made for no jail time in return for information on how online gambling sites manipulated the banking industry with secret schemes and fake companies to trick banks into processing these illegal transactions. Once Tzvetkoff gave up all the information that the Feds needed, he was then set free to live his life freely while others in the industry bare the brunt of the Federal Governments ire.

Now internet giants that include names like, Isai Scheinberg and Paul Tate of Pokerstars, Nelson Burtnick and Raymond Bitar of Full Tilt poker and Brent Beckley and Scott Tom of Absolute Poker are now all facing up to 30 years in prison for their part in this elaborate scheme that Tzvetkoff mastermind and rolled over to the Feds last year. Its alleged that up to 14 more arrests are coming, but have not happened as of today because the named defendants are out of the country and the Federal government is try to reach an agreement with numerous other countries to serve warrants. This story will become more intriguing and far reaching as the days go by and we will be sure to bring the latest updates to our readers as it warrants.

By Patricia C. Senior Editor


  1. Tzvetkoff is a typical cowardly snitch. Instead of taking his punishment like a real man he went squealing to the feds. Online poker should be legal and this move by the obama administration shows that he does not value campaign rhetoric and promises. Hopefully Tzvetkoff will have to do time in a place where they know how to deal with cowards!

  2. Atleast I can play home games still.’s nice to have the Poker hand rankings in lined still. This shouldn’t be affected by this recent events I hope.

    Tzvetkoff will create a new payment processing scheme for us so that we can start playing poker again! Now that’s awesome!

  3. From what I understand, poker sites thought he stole around 100 million from them, and informed feds when he was in USA to get him arrested.

    I don’t know what you call someone who re-rats on people who ratted him out first. (if that’s what happened.)

    They should have solved the problem of alleged theft a bit differently than giving up the guy who knows where all the ‘bodies are buried’ and how the entire process worked into the hands of the FBI and prosecutors.

  4. …NARC….a life of pain for his family is what hes just gone and done for himself i think will be alot of wacko characters after him now i would imagine..with deep pockets…

  5. I love it!! Stopped playing those crooked sites as soon as PlayNow’s site started here in BC Canada. Run by BC Govt. Safe legal…..can withdraw money anytime with zero delay. I am happy. Hope they all rot in prison with their cell mate Bubba.

  6. Unfair???….if you mean a non-rigged site that doesn’t hold your winnings for a week so you are likely to give it all back to their ringers then I guess it’s unfair. Funny thing…I’ve played there for a month now and have quadrupled my bankroll….and quads show up once a day rather than 3 times an hour…playing on the “big” 3 was a suckers game. Good riddance!!


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