Downtown Bingo’s $105K 21st Birthday Party Celebration


Join in the $105,000 Coverall Birthday Party Celebration this Friday at Downtown Bingo to Win Cash Prizes!

Downtown Bingo’s 21st birthday is this week and they invite everyone to attend the birthday celebrations with a $105,000 coverall party! This Friday, August 4th make sure you don’t miss this incredible event with hundreds of thousands in amazing cash prizes.

It’s all about the birthday fun, and fun is exactly what will be had this weekend! The festivities start at 7:00pm EDT in the Summer Bingo Room where there will be five top of the hour coverall games paying out a top prize worth $21,000, minimum $210. So, a guaranteed $210 x 5 throughout the evening.

Tickets are up for sale for $1.50 each, and like always Downtown’s famous buy 3 get 2 cards free offer is valid with this big event.  This offer is one of those offers that if you miss out, there is no one to blame, but yourself! You can even pre-order cards today, in case your busy this weekend!

Join in on the Birthday celebrations this Friday. If you’re not a member of Downtown Bingo, then now is the time to sign up and claim your $5 credit with the first deposit plus 500% match when you fund your account.



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