Drinking Card Games You Should Play in 2021


Online casinos are not the only places where you can play card games. If you have the right group of friends, then you can get to do it during a night out with friends. A few drinking games, however, are not appropriate for smaller gatherings. You’ll need games to help people get loose and let everyone get to know one another. You need cancasinos online casino games that don’t demand a large number of people to be enjoyable. Most importantly, you’ll need games that get everyone drinking and having fun.  Therefore, if you are going to have a fun night, here are some fun games that you can get to try out.


For the card lay out, you need to have 15 cards that would be in a pyramid layout. The pyramid must have 5 cards at the bottom and one at the top.  For this game, the value of the card will determine how much you will be drinking.  Therefore, you may have to start on this game otherwise you are going to be wasted afterwards.

F the Dealer

If you have always wanted to be a high roller at best online casinos , then this may just give you a feel of the whole experience. You and your friend will get a shot of being the high roller betting against the dealer.  This is a guess game and failure to get any of the thrown cards correct would mean that you have to take a drink. If you manage to get the correct value of the cards, then the dealer is the one who has drunk.

Screw Your Neighbour

Do not get any dirty thoughts from the name of the game. Once you get the cards dealt out to you, you can swap them with the card on the top of the deck of the remaining cards to push towards getting a high value.

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