Be an Early Bird at Downtown Bingo for Fantastic Cash Prizes

Be an Early Bird at Downtown Bingo for Fantastic Cash Prizes

Pre-Order No and the Early Bird Gets the Worm at Downtown Bingo Friday November 17th – Play for Cash Prizes

Early birds get the worm, or fantastic cash prizes at Downtown Bingo this Friday, November 17th! Downtown Bingo’s special Early Bird Special event is offering 2 hours filled with exciting games and fantastic cash prizes up to $2,500 for only $0.25 a card.

  • Early bird $150 Guaranteed pots for only $0.25 a card
  • Early bird $25 starting games at only $0.25 a card
  • Early bird $2,500 Coverall Min $25 games at $0.25 a card

The excitement begins at 3:00pm EST, in the middle of the day so no excuse to miss or be late! All the action will be taking place in the Autumn Bingo room. Every game that plays is guaranteed a minimum payout. Get more chances to win one of the guaranteed pots with Downtown’s famous buy 3 get 2 cards free! Free cards mean more chances to win at the expense of Downtown Bingo!

Low cost cards, guaranteed prizes and huge payouts are three reasons to join the Early Birds this Friday. New to Downtown Bingo? Join now and claim a free $5 credit when you make your first deposit plus a 500% match bonus. Downtown Bingo is US friendly, sign up today and catch yourself an incredible welcome offer.


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