Join John Hunter on a $10,000 Cash Adventure Over at Mr Green

Join John Hunter on a $10,000 Cash Adventure Over at Mr Green

Join John Hunter on a $10,000 cash adventure over at Mr Green Casino. Yes, John Hunter is back making an appearance in his latest slot Quest for Bermuda Riches.

Mr Green is on another personal mission looking for daring explorers to join his quest on a winning escapade in search of the $10,000 in cash treasures.

How do you take part in the $10,000 Cash Adventure? Log into your casino account and play any of the qualifying games. You must spin with the minimum bet of the given slot.

The number of free spins you win in any of the slot bonus features will determine your rank across the leaderboard. The system will keep track of all free spin bonus features played.

The top 100 players when the tournament competition ends will win a share of the cash prize pool.

1st place- $2,500
2nd place- $2,000
3rd place- $1,000
4th-5th place- $200
6th-10th place- $100
11th-64th place- $50
65th-100th place- $25

All prices are cash prizes therefore no wagering requirements is necessary. If more than one player wins 1st place, the player who achieved the score first will be the winner.

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