FanDuel Pays Up After Glitch, Player Gets Paid Winnings

FanDuel Pays Up After Glitch, Player Gets Paid Winnings

FanDuel Decides to Honor a Players Bet After a Glitch and Pays Out the Winnings

After the big controversy regarding a major glitch and a player not receiving credit for its bet and winnings, FanDuel decided to go ahead and payout the $82,610 winning bet. The player resides in Newark and should have been paid out 750-1 according to his ticket. The glitch occurred with the live odds-making system with it the bet the player placed was in-play. In-play means that its referring to live bets, meaning the odds are changing as the game progresses. A huge error occurred during the live feed and as soon as the player purchased the ticket the odds were displayed incorrectly.

The dispute, or error was immediately reported by a local television channel, and of course FanDuel didn’t like the negative publicity either. This week, the DFS operator was exposed to even bigger coverage in terms of negativity across one of the biggest sports media networks in the industry.

It was until a couple days ago that FanDuel decided to issue a statement explaining their decision on not paying out the inaccurate bet and why they decided to pay the DFS bettor their $82k winnings.

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