Florida Considering to Ban Online Lottery Retailers

Florida Considering to Ban Online Lottery Retailers

Online gambling has been rapidly developing in the United States, however, there is one man that can be a hindrance of the whole ordeal. The notorious Florida man, well, not notorious in this sense, but you get the picture.

Will Robinson, who is a Florida State Senator has already filed Bill #629. The bill will ensure that any type of sale of lottery tickets in Florida will be prohibited.

Despite the fact that it may not have quite a lot of followers and supporters. The Gaming Control Subcommittee will still review the bill and decide whether or not it should be made law. The meeting will be held on February 20th. If the bill is passed than everything and everyone will be blocked from purchasing, storing redeeming and selling online lottery tickets through their electronic devices.

According to reports, there are no technical issues connected to the bill. Senator Robinson is just very negative about the whole lottery industry. In more detail, the senator has already voiced his opinions about the lottery, saying that they do nothing but scam people and run away with the money. It is easy to understand the Senator. Many families have fallen victim to the addictive nature of lotteries, but the outright ban of the activity is not the solution right now.

However, the senator has his reasons. Primarily the incident that happened back in the beginning of 2018, when a woman coincidentally won a $30 million jackpot. This caused a serious stir with the authorities as the lottery was completely fake. The distributor of the tickets was TheLotter.com, which turned out the be just a reseller of used lottery tickets, which in fact they sold for a marked-up price. Because of this, the whole gambling community was shaken to its core.

Despite the fact that this was indeed a terrible event for the whole community a ban is not something that can work. The authorities need to consider the US’s history of banning things. Pretty much every single one of those bans ended up with either mafia or cartels. Now imagine banning something like lotteries. That would also make an incentive for a new underground crime organization. What could be done at this moment is to centralize the industry. This means that every single lottery can be performed only by the state and nobody else. At least with this, the people will get the message that those lotteries can be trusted ( or at least the winnings will be real).


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